Here is what other Executors have experienced:

Proximity to Estate

The estate you are administering may be at a sufficient distance to make it difficult to administer. If you are in another county, or perhaps another state simply being able to manage any estate-related activities can be a challenge

Personal Monies

Are you finding that you are having to put up you own money to pay estate-realted bills? Sure you will hopefully be reimbursed, but this can impose a hardship that you simply do not want to endure at this time. Perhaps you are making mortgage payments or just paying travel-related expenses – is this something that you want to do?

Heir Infighting

Are you finding that some of the heirs are making demands that other heirs find unacceptable. Are you the person in the middle. This is not unusual – add the expectation of money to normal family dynamics and you often find otherwise normal folks begin to act eradically. Is this what you signed up for?

Emotional Stress

This is obviously a stressful time. Every executor before you has felt the same pressures. Unfortunately, the task of settling your estate has fallen to you and you simply need to get through this. Wouldn’t you like to just put this chapter of your life behind you?

Pay Debts

Unfortunately, most estates do not have enough cash to settle the debts of the estate, so the heirs MUST sell properties in the estate simply to pay get enough cash to pay off the debts and taxes of the estate. This is common and if you find yourself in this situation you will want an ethical partner to help you get the money you need.